Here you’ll find frequently asked questions about Sercanto. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to conctact us: info [at]

What is Sercanto?

Sercanto is a Search Engine for classified ads in job field. Sercanto bring you all of the classified ads from across the web in one, easy-to-use website. Sercanto works doing all of the searching for you, so you don’t have to waste your time!

Where do you get the ads? Are they dependable sources of infos?

We have partnerships with thousands of websites to optimize your search. If in your opinion we are missing a good website then please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Is Sercanto a free search engine?

Sercanto is absolutely 100% free to use. Enjoy your searching with us!

How do you search for something on Sercanto?

Easy! Go to our Sercanto homepage. Then just put “what” and “where” you are looking for in your search query. Try and use as many specific keywords as possible so that we can provide you with the most relevant results.

How do you rank the listings in the Sercanto search results?

At Sercanto, our main objective is to bring you to share most relevant and up-to-date listings from across the web. Our partner’s listings will be provided to you using two main criteria; relevance and freshness.

You’re looking for something very specific. Is Sercanto suitable for you?

Absolutely! We know that searching for your ideal property, car, could be very hard. Try using our advanced filters to really pinpoint your search. Take a look at our handy tips on how to improve your search.

Is it possible for you to recives the most up-to date ads?

Sure, thanks to Sercanto Alert. You’ll recieve by Email some refresh about searching you did. So you’ll always keep up with the times!

Is there another way to search for listings?

If you prefer to search in a prettiest way try using our photo or map search options (coming soon), which you’ll find on the right-hand side, under the filters.

How do you get your ads included in Sercanto?

Sercanto is simply a search engine for classified ads. We dedicate all of our time to making sure we bring you the best for your search.You can post your ad on one of our recommended partner sites by clicking on the ‘post your ad’ link at the right top of the main Sercanto page.

Is it possible for you to share it with your friends?

If you find something on Sercanto you like you can share it with your friends sending him a mail or just clicking on links to your favorite social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can share individual ads or searches.

For website owners

Is Sercanto competing with classifieds websites?

We obtain the listings for classifieds websites, allow users to perform searches on those listings and then direct users to the original source of the ad; we believe we can be an important source of qualified visitors for these sites. We work with the leading portals from around the world, as well as with smaller niche sites.
Our relationship with classifieds websites is very important for us; we work with leading sites in several countries and also with very small niche sites. Our relationship with classifieds websites is very important for us. We are very interested in hearing opinions from all of our sources.

Why should I include my ads inSercanto?

Sercanto is a classified ads search engine and makes the whole searching process very simple for its users. By partnering with us you will benefit by receiving direct, quality traffic to your portal.

How do I get my ads included in Sercanto?

Quality is the most important thing for us when indexing your listings. The best way to ensure this quality is for you to provide us with an XML data feed that includes your listings. Here’s more informations on how to prepare this feed.

I have my listings on other search engine. Can I also include them in Sercanto?

Of course. Sercanto is used by our partners as a marketing tool. Sercanto allows you to deliver your ads listing.

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